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The only motion sickness product guaranteed to work.

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Order risk-free with our unconditional 30-day full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with ViBAN for any reason, return it with case & cord within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund, less shipping. Original receipt and contents required upon return.


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"With ViBAN I can use my Kindle and phone for the first time without any motion sickness. Before, I couldn't read for 15 seconds without feeling sick."   
​Dena T, St. Johns, Florida

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How it works: ViBAN blocks the ability to see motion outside the moving vehicle, the key cause of motion sickness, also known as car sickness. When motion is removed there's no queasiness! It's that simple! 

While wearing ViBAN you see what you are holding in your hands or what is in your lap but you will not see the sickening visual ques outside the vehicle. So there's no need to take drugs that make you drowsy or buy other products that don't work. With ViBAN you can read a book or map, play games, socialize with friends or watch a video while traveling. Buy with confidence knowing ViBAN is the only motion sickness product guaranteed to work.          

Motion sickness can turn a simple car ride into an unpleasant journey. You are stuck staring out the window instead of enjoying a good book or using your mobile device. ViBAN eyewear changes all that by offering the only solution that prevents motion sickness before it strikes. ViBAN removes the view of  irritating motion outside the vehicle, the key cause of motion sickness.  With ViBAN you can catch up on email, read a book or map, view a movie or text a friend while you ride. Order your ViBAN here today and say goodbye to car sickness.

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​​ViBAN is comfortable to wear for hours at a time because of its super lightweight one ounce design.  It's for those 8 years and up and it works in cars, taxis, trucks, buses, and trains.  ViBAN is for passenger use only. 

Stop motion sickness today! Order your ViBAN on this secure site and get the eyewear along with a stylish semi-hard case and cord free. Order now and also receive free US shipping (just $9.95 anywhere else in the world). Thanks for ordering ViBAN and helping us spread the word to family to friends.       


Free U.S. Shipping
$9.95 Worldwide 

Product Reviews (send us yours: sales2 at

We LOVE the Viban!!! My kids can really tell a difference & struggle over who gets to use it! Thank you so much!!

Virginia O. 

This is a great little device if you want to read, write or play games while in a vehicle. These are the kind of activities that make a lot of people feel ill while in a car and solves the motion sickness problem immediately. It’s brilliant for car journeys with friends and family.

Monica P. - Travel Blogger

I bought the ViBAN for my 10 year old grandson who has suffered from car sickness for years. He can be carsick in five minutes. ViBAN totally eliminated the problem. While he's wearing his ViBAN he doesn't get sick even when reading and playing video games. An amazing product!
Richard B.

I use ViBAN eyewear. You wear it like a visor, and it blocks out all of the motion outside the windows of the car. I can read, text, and do work on the road.  It is drug-free and the only thing that has worked for me and my family. is your ticket to ride!

Rene S.

I've had car sickness so bad that I made people pull over and change seats with me. I'd tell people, don't tell me it won't work, wear it and

you'll see! I'll purchase extras as gifts.  
Cindy L.


I give it a thumbs up. I was able to read with no problem. Nifty device. I mean wow, Viban really works!

Jon B.

When I read in a car it gives me a headache. Drugs just put me to sleep. Viban helps me actually enjoy my trips now. When my daughter

was young, I would have done anything to get her to read or play while on family trips.  
Donna B.


Wow, this thing works great!  I want to be an investor in this company.
Bob S.